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Notes for contributors

Preliminarily, an author should prepare the manuscript in accordance with the requirements for the article's design. Then the manuscript should be sent to editor's e-mail konstantinov@sfedu.ru, konstms@gmail.com (please duplicate for both addresses) with the note "article for the 'Political Conceptology' magazine”. (Articles that do not satisfy all the design requirements will not be taken into consideration for publication). After that manuscript should pass mandatory peer review, based on which the decision will be made to publish an article or not.
The procedure for reviewing and publishing articles sent to the editors:
1. The editorial staff of the journal has an institute for peer review for the expert evaluation of the manuscripts sent to the articles, whose activities are determined by the "Review Regulations" approved by the Editorial Board of the journal. All manuscripts entering the magazine are tested for originality in the corporate version of the "Antiplagiat" system.
2. After receiving the article, the editor-in-chief determines its correspondence to the profile of the journal and sends it to the review. Reviewing takes place according to a "blind" scheme, when neither the author nor the reviewers know each other. All reviewers are recognized experts on the subject of peer-reviewed materials and have published in the last 3 years on the subject of the article being reviewed.
3. Based on the results of the review, one of three decisions is taken: on the publication of the article, on sending the article for revision, on refusal to publish.
4. In case of rejection of the article, the editorial board shall send a reasoned refusal to the author.
5. The rejected article is not accepted for reconsideration.
6. Reviews are kept in the editorial office for 5 years.
7. Manuscripts are not returned.
All articles are published free of charge regardless of the author's status.

The requirements for registration papers

1. The article should be of no more than 1.5 quires - 60 thousand characters, typed in a format .doc (Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.org).
2. In the beginning of the article is an abstract (no more than 1000 characters) on Russian and English languages, as well as information about the author: full Name, academic degree and title, position, place of work, telephone numbers (work and home with the city code), email address (optional).
3. Text options: font Times New Roman, 12-point type, interval 1. Fields: top and bottom - 2 cm, left and right - 2 cm. The alignment of the text: in width. The indent (red line): 1 cm. Numbering of pages: not conducted. Pictures: black-and-white pictures, implemented in the text.
4. It is allowed to use Arial and Courier New fonts for the separate fragments of the text. It is also allowed to use a smaller font size for text fragments of minor importance. Font size in tables should usually be 2 points less than the font size of the main text. Pictures can be sent in colour, but it should be borne in mind that the magazine is published in black-and-white format.
5. Footnote are at the bottom of a page, made automatically. The numbering starts with a digit «1». (Please do not number manually with round or square brackets!). 6. Footnotes are made out as follows:

Name and Surname. Year of publication. The title of the paper. – City: Publisher. – Number of pages.
Name and Surname. Year of publication. The title of the article. – Title of the journal. – Number. – P. ... .
Name and Surname. Year of publication. The title of the source. – Available at: http://URL_of_the_source/. – Accessed: Data.

Download the requirements for registration papers

Date of posting information: 2011/09/16; Date of information update: 2021/12/25

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